The ROI of Responsive Design: How Mobile-Friendliness Impacts Your Bottom Line (Pie Chart Breakdown)

The ROI of Responsive Design: How Mobile-Friendliness Impacts Your Bottom Line

If you want your business to thrive in this competitive landscape, focusing on diverse strategies to increase the overall ROI is equally important. From this point of view, talking about responsive web design that impacts several factors that eventually help you boost ROI becomes interesting. 

“Mobile responsive web design attracts a larger portion of customers while noticeably reducing the bounce rate, which consequently increases the conversion rate of the website.”

Why a responsive website is the best choice

1. Cost-effective: You get to save a lot of money when you only need to spend on a single website that will be optimized for users for all devices, mobile or desktop or any other. When your website needs changes, then also you don’t have to think about modifying two sites. 

2. SEO benefits: Responsive websites offer you more traffic, increasing your brand awareness. Because your site gets higher chances to rank on the top of Google Search Page. That’s why “62% of top ranking websites are mobile optimized.” These organic SEO benefits will eventually help you boost ROI by doubling or tripling your conversion rates. 

3. People return to your page: A better user experience means people like staying and exploring your website. 90% of your customers generally prefer vertical scrolling over horizontal scrolling on sites and almost 50% of the audience are said to dislike it when they are required to zoom in on your site to view your offerings.

“While 70% of users are less likely to return to a site that isn’t mobile-friendly.” 

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4. Customer engagement: Page loading speed influences customer engagement significantly. When a web page takes 2 seconds more than usual to load properly, the bounce rate increases by 32%. And now talking about conversion, if a B2B website’s page takes 4 seconds less than usual to load, they can see a 3x higher conversion rate. An e-commerce website can witness 2.5x more conversion if it loads within a second on mobile devices. 

5. Better customer analysis: As responsive websites can reach a comparatively wider audience, it tends to offer you better insights into your customer’s purchasing behavior on your site. 

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