10 Must-Have Tools for Every Software Developer

10 Must-Have Tools for Every Software Developer


Software developers being a part of the software development process, are always seen to juggle between a plethora of tasks. Suppose, you are working at the top software development company in India you will have to write code to identify bugs, supervise projects effectively, and attend meetings from time to time etc.

Due to so many reasons, aspiring software developers are constantly for new avant-garde tools to take their software development skills a notch higher. Not only this way they improve efficiency and enhance productivity, but they also get the opportunity to streamline their essential tasks and activities into a more structured system.

So, as you read today’s blog post, you will learn about 10 advanced present-day tools that are prevailing in the market designed particularly for various software development-related assignments.

Let’s begin

What is software development?

Software development involves several activities related to computer science meant for creating, designing, employing and supporting various software tools. Further, it consists of a set of programs and instructions that ask the computer to do certain activities in a given time. Software development is devoid of any hardware consignment and is responsible for making the computers programmable.

10 essential tools for every software developer

When collaborating with the best software development company in India, a software developer is often responsible for managing multiple tasks at a time from automation, coordination, project supervision and tracking up to the final integration of the software tools. 

Having said that, below are 10 imperative tools that every software developer of the current era must learn to optimize and adapt to gain a substantial foothold in the software development landscape.


Dynatrace is a highly advanced DevOps employment management tool that is chiefly AI-integrated and makes tasks for developers working at the top software development company in India easy.

Further, the feature of AIOps that it has enables time-saving via automated models of machine learning, plus the developer attribute offers amazing application-based analytics, monitoring, performance and reporting. Some of the notable features of this tool include high extensibility with other DevOps features, business observability in real-time, automated business analytics, DevSecOps-enabled application monitoring and so on.


LINX is a robust low-code software development tool that allows employees of the best software development company in India to create powerful applications with little to no coding. Its drag-and-drop feature and user-friendly visual interface make it easy for developers to connect pre-built tools and develop and design logic and workflows effectively. 

Due to this streamlined functionality, not only do the development procedures get simplified but the intricacies related to conventional coding-related practices also reduce a lot. Plus, LINX also offers its users a seamless mode of integration that allows programmers and developers alike to connect with several systems, applications and databases confidently and efficiently.

This way, software developers find it easy to highly scalable, robust and encrypted software tools without the need for complex tasks and activities.

AWS-Cloud 9

AWS Cloud9 is a top-notch software component responsible for formulating, operating and debugging code, offering developers of the best software development company in India to create effective and powerful software components in a cloud-enabled development environment and can chiefly be accessed via a web browser.

By using this software tool, you can get into a structured setup instantly where you get the opportunity to create intuitive and streamlined software components, all in your browser. AWS Cloud9 support many programming languages including C++, Ruby, Python, PHP and so on. Some of the notable features that make this software development tool stand out in the crowd are:

Allows software developers to optimize server-less technologies while working that in response makes it needless for them to manage their respective local IDEs.

Ability to collaborate in real-time

Seamlessly manages multiple coding tasks together

Effective collaboration and teamwork on various software projects irrespective of demographics.

As a result, developers find it easy and simple when creating, executing, managing and integrating software components of different types, ultimately utilizing them for a plethora of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and aiding them to reach their software development tools with flying colors.

New Relic

New Relic is yet another software development tool that is DevOps-integrated and comes with enhanced scalability and application tracking and analytics in real time.

So, if you are the project manager of the top software development company in India, you can easily use New Relic to debug code, identify potential errors and detect performance-based issues, making the process of software development as seamless and hassle-free as possible. Here are some of the prominent features of this super-amazing software component.

Enhanced scalability

Cloud integration

Seamless integration with sought-after DevOps components

Error analysis in real-time

Machine Learning and AI-based guides to help developers detect performance-oriented issues in applications quickly and easily.

Moreover, the AI-enabled anomaly detection feature that New Relic has allows software project managers to coordinate with DevOps teams consistently, and identify behavior-related deviations followed by the ability to create effective fixtures for them. In short, New Relic is in great demand in the market right now and developers must make the most of this tool to create highly scalable, intuitive and end-to-end solutions for their customers.


Formulating, implementing and integrating software tools when working at the top software development company in India can be an arduous task at times. But with Docker, a highly scalable open-source platform the same task becomes extremely easy and simple, allowing developers to formulate, test and employ applications faster than expected.

A striking feature of Docker is the way it runs applications of varied scales in any given environment, no matter whether you are doing it on a production server or on your own local machine.

Now comes the actual functionality of Docker, it enables developers to separate software applications from their pertinent frameworks, subsequently, ensuring their effective integration and delivery. Some of the prominent features of Docker include:

Seamless running of applications through freestanding packages and lightweight containers

Quick detection and resolution of bugs within a streamlined environment of software development

Isolation of applications and their dependencies to ensure that alternations made to a particular container do not negatively impact the rest.

To say in a nutshell, Docker is an extremely powerful software development tool that enhances reliability and consistency among team members, further enabling project managers to ideate, formulate, create, implement and integrate high-end software solutions in a matter of minutes. It’s that simple!


GitLab is a technologically upgraded CI/CD software tool and has become an integral part of every software development project nowadays. By using it effectively, developers are able to automate certain tasks such as formulating, testing and employing code and in response improved performance and productivity without compromising on the security part are all the plus points they can expect.

Some of the main features of GitLab, when using it for the top software development company in India include:

Impeccable monitoring potential ranging from audit events, and dependency optimization to the utilization of security policies to say the least.

Effective application tracking

Seamless integration and deployment of tools

Backup for remote software development projects

Built-in IDEs on web browsers

Workflows related to code reviewing

Tracking of modifications to source code repositories through highly scalable and intuitive source code management programs

Planning, implementation and management of projects through systematic methods and techniques.

The main USP that sets GitLab apart from others is the great deal of flexibility that it offers to its users. This allows the tool to integrate with almost any kind of framework and programming language to meet the custom needs of every software development project in the best way possible.

Further, the Code Quality feature, AutoDevOps feature and ChatOps interface are a couple of attributes more that comprise the GitLab software tool, making it one of the most in-demand software development components in the market.


ClickUp as a software development tool offers multiple attributes to its users that allow project managers of the top software development company in India to work collaboratively, creating, implementing and integrating the most high-end software products and solutions as a result.

Plus, it consists of legions of templates that not only help reduce setup time but also enable more than 20 views including list, board, calendar etc. consequently, ensuring every phase of development in real-time. Some of the notable features of ClickUp include:

Effective reporting and analytics

Advanced sharing of documents

Multiple built-in templates

Bug-free automations and customizations

Fifteen consecutive views including timeline, Gantt and grid

Nested checklists and subtasks

Monitoring every single aspect of a project through a bird’s eye view dashboard

Aside from all these, one of the most remarkable features of ClickUp is its ability to handle large-scale tasks including milestones, critical paths, sprints, epics and subtasks to say the least.

Plus effective collaboration such as deciphering proofing, email notifications, notes, whiteboards, chat and comments is another notable quality of the ClickUp tool that makes it stand out in the crowd.

Moreover, this software component comes with custom and pre-built automations, proving to be a time-saving factor for users. The feasibility of ClickUp doesn’t end here ClickApps are there to add to your convenience with high-end features such as custom fields, dependencies, real-time reporting time-tracking and much more.

And you the best part? If you find that any feature is missing in your ClickApp, you can easily upgrade and modify it as and when necessary, adding as many attributes to it as you want whenever you feel like it.


An out-and-out automated and globally recognized open-source automation platform that enables software developers to become more productive, efficient and swift giving the scope to enhance workflows and reduce errors effectively.

Further, Jenkins stands out in the crowd chiefly due to its features of customization, scalability, and flexibility teamed up with consistent deployment/delivery and integration of CI/CD capabilities enabled by the programmer tool.

This helps streamline and automate the process of software development in various effective ways. Some of the notable features of Jenkins:

Open Source and Easy to Download

Allocation across various platforms to ensure super-fast planning, implementation, testing and integration.

High extensibility with backup for legions of developer applications

Easy installation and configuration

Consistent integration and delivery tools

So, as developers of the top software development company in India increasingly use Jenkins, they can integrate code changes automatically that too consistently. Further, they can automate builds, tests and employment of their software solutions while constantly working in different types of production, staging and development-enabled environments.

Moreover, Jenkins offers a well-allocated structure to its users that not only helps enhance scalability and performance but also creates highly customizable and flexible pipelines that ultimately allow developers to define their pertinent workflows effectively with additional advantages such as conditional logic, parallel execution and many more.

Visual Studio Code

If you are working at a software development company in India that needs a super-fast, free and lightweight software tool, then opting for Visual Studio Code is the way to go. It’s an open-source code editor that Microsoft offers to different types of developers.

This amazing coding tool can run effortlessly on various platforms, Linux, macOS and Windows being the most notable of them, hence developers from beginner to advanced level can optimize Visual Studio Code as per their convenience. Some of the notable features of this software solution include:

Open Source and Free

Scripting tools and Built-in

Numerous customizations for integrations and workspaces

Backup for several programming languages

Effective code editors such as bracket-matching, auto-indentation, syntax highlighting etc.

Backup for multiple platforms

Visual Studio Code facilitates live editing that allows front-end developers to see and witness the way code alterations are impacting user interface design in real-time. Plus, the tool also consists of an integrated debugger that lets users examine the variables in each of the lines of their coding-related tasks.

To add to the convenience, Visual Studio Code comes with a pre-built Git integration as well that enables pulling and pushing, committing, and code imitation from GitHub and other similar repositories as seamlessly as possible.

This has resulted in a plethora of opportunities with more than 200,000 extensions supporting the potential for remote software development and customization.

On top of everything, this open-source platform is integrated with the IntelliSense attribute that makes the completion of smart coding possible based on revamped modules, function definitions and certain variable forms to say the least.

All this and many more have already earned Visual Studio Code a substantial foothold in the ongoing marketplace.

Jira Software

The top software development company in India will surely recommend Jira Software to both aspiring and advanced developers who are looking for an extremely robust and powerful software solution to implement their complex tasks and activities effectively.

This software tool is highly scalable, customizable and flexible by nature and can tackle dexterous teams of 1-20,000 in a seamless way. Although, the Kanban Boards and Scrum are two of its most notable features, some of the other features Jira Software comprises include:

Overviews of deployment and code status

More than 3,000 integrations

Workflows that are customizable

Bird’s eye view dashboard templates and reporting

Kanban boards and Scrum

Interactive views of timelines for dependency and epic tracking

Plus, the striking developer tool that Jira Software comes with allows developers to efficiently manage their projects through built-in insights, reporting, dashboards and views. Coming to its DevOps-integrated templates, they restrict the tracking and onboarding of Kanban and Scrum that in response let team members to start off as seamlessly as possible while constantly creating effective roadmaps to stay in sync and monitor the progress of their consignments.

Further, project managers can save ample time on the repetitive tasks by using Jira Software’s drag-and-drop feature, consequently, experiencing an unconventional way of bug detection. Other startling attributes of Jira Software include third-party integrations, custom fields and workflows and Open DevOps enabled by legions of other in-demand tools in the market.


So, these were the top 10 software development tools that both aspiring and experienced developers can use to take their skills and expertise to the next level.

If you are a part of the best software development company in India, you too can make any of these software solutions an integral segment of your software development project not only to enhance efficiency, performance and productivity but also to remain in sync with your team members and collaborate effectively with them, and in return, you can expect to achieve your highest potential in no time.

Good Luck!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are software tools required to develop a software?

In simple words, software development tools are platforms and applications that help agile teams create, test, debug and maintain their software solutions. Such tools usually come in a diversified range including testing frameworks, version control systems, debuggers, compilers, code editors and integrated development environments (IDEs) to say the least.

Is AWS a developer tool platform?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a popular developer tool platform that offers multiple effective tools to developers meant for coding, building, testing, and deploying applications in cloud-enabled environments. Based on your preference, you are free to use CI/CD services, SDKs, code editors and other similar tools that AWS offers to its users to make developing software solutions easy and simple, that too in your favourite programming languages.

Which software tool is in maximum demand right now?

The Low Code/No Code Software Development Strategy paves the way for some ground-breaking innovations. This software tool is currently trending in the software development landscape and offers various tools to businesses and individuals alike to enable custom application deployment even if you have little to no coding knowledge.

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