10k+ Downloads: How Bluelupin Built GoMedii, the Medicine Delivery App

10k+ Downloads: How Bluelupin Built GoMedii, the Medicine Delivery App


GoMedii is a healthcare technology platform that offers doctor consultation via video call, provides holistic treatment solutions, and home delivery of medicines directly from nearby reliable pharmacies. They had the vision to become “India’s largest online marketplace for prescription and OTC drugs”, but were facing challenges to make it a reality.

Bluelupin, one of the reliable mobile application development companies in Noida, recommended solutions and paved the way for them to be liked by 10,000+ users already with a 4+ Google rating. This blog is going to share a few snippets from the process of their collaboration.

The Vision of Bluelupin in Making GoMedii

GoMedii is way more than just a regular e-store. It is an aspiration that one day we will be able to consult doctors from the comfort of our homes and get delivery of Over-The-Counter (OTC) drugs at our doorstep. The platform efficiently connects the customer with the local pharmacy to efficiently place orders either on a mobile or web application. The idea was to give the customers control and flexibility, where you can finalize your choice of a given pharmacy based on the rating, discount amount, and distance to the place.

The Challenges Faced by GoMedii 

To create a platform like GoMedii was not a cakewalk. They had to overcome huge challenges, from securely accommodating health data to making an easy-to-use interface that could be adopted by all sections of users, from pharmacy executives to senior citizens to less-tech-savvy people.

The solution came from a partnership with Bluelupin Technologies, a mobile app development company in Delhi NCR, by leveraging their advanced yet standardized tech stack to bring the concept of GoMedii to life. 

The Features of GoMedii as Solutions

Bluelupin has introduced a few unique features in GoMedii that have caused the GoMedii application to be loved by its users. Bluelupin’s comprehensive technology framework assured that GoMedii is capable of handling a significantly higher volume of users and transactions each day without affecting performance.

  • Search for available pharmacies quickly around you.
  • Easy prescription upload. 
  • Real-time tracking of your orders.
  • Dynamic discounting system. 

Bluelupin’s Tech stack-driven Solutions

Here is how Bluelupin used its tech stack to build each feature minutely.

1. Quick Pharmacy Searches by Location

Tech stack used: Angular, Google Maps API, ASP.NET Core API, SQL Server

  • Frontend (Angular): The reason for choosing Angular is its good SPA (Single Page Application) features that allow apps to update content seamlessly without having to reload a page, hence giving an excellent user experience.
  • Location Services (Google Maps API): Integration of Google Maps API into an Angular app sets the pace for the application to geolocate data. The data will aid in finding pharmacies, be it current location-based or searched criteria by a user.
  • Backend (ASP.NET Core API): Bluelupin implemented this feature by using the ASP.NET Core API for the server-side logic. It handles requests from the frontend, reaches out for DB (Database) interaction, and processes location-based queries.
  • Database (SQL Server): The SQL Server is the place where all the data relevant to this application about pharmacies is held like their addresses and all of their geographical coordinates. In order to find all the pharmacies within the discussed radius, “spatial queries” will be required for a quick fetch from the user’s location.

2. Simple Prescription Uploads

Tech stack used: Native iOS/Android, ASP.NET Core API, Azure Blob Storage.

  • Mobile Apps (Native iOS/Android): Robust native iOS and Android applications are used that allow users to upload images of their prescriptions directly from their device gallery.
  • Backend Processing (ASP.NET Core API): After uploading an image from the gallery, the image is sent to the backend API endpoint to process the image data.
  • Storage (Azure Blob Storage): The images of prescriptions to be uploaded to JSON are stored in the Azure Blob Storage, which ensures storage of increased durability, easy scalability, and a high level of security.

3. Real-Time Tracking of Orders

Tech stack used: Firebase Push Notifications, Angular, ASP.NET Core API

  • Notifications (Firebase Push Notifications): Firebase is used here to send push notifications to users in real time to keep them informed from the time they have placed an order to the time it is delivered.
  • Frontend Updates (using Angular): Real-time binding and updating features in Angular ensure that whenever a notification is pushed, its update is immediately replicated on the UI, showing users the latest status of their orders.
  • Order Management (ASP.NET Core API): they have used Backend API for order lifecycle management to update order state in the database and send notifications for changes in the status of orders.

4. Dynamic Discounting System

Tech Stack Used: Angular, ASP.NET Core API, and SQL Server – all hosted on Microsoft Azure Machine.

  • Frontend (Angular): The discounts applicable to the users from the product pages, coupled with those in the cart, appear dynamically in the checkout process. This kind of User Interface fetches real-time discount data and updates without any need to reload the page by interacting with the backend.
  • Backend logic (ASP.NET Core API): it is the essential part of the system that operates discount calculation according to company policy. It processes the user’s data and current promotions, making it possible to apply customized discounts on each order.
  • Database (SQL Server): This is a database with information on the discounts, including user purchase history and all promotions presented to the user by pharmacies. It is set up to run complex queries in different variables needed to be established for the given discount.
  • Machine Learning (Microsoft Azure Machine Learning): Following the logic of the purchase pattern, another exciting feature of Azure Machine Learning leverages AI capabilities to optimize discounts. Using the AI component, the platform can predict the most appealing discount offers applicable to various users, attracting them to make additional purchases.

The Impact of GoMedii

Since its launch, GoMedii has started gaining traction as it has good ratings from users on the Google Play store. The technology and infrastructure provided by Bluelupin take GoMedii from a vision to a concept to an operational reality that provides users access to a range of medications available with approved pharmacies in the region.

“GoMedii is not just another site for buying medicines. It offers a complete redefinition of the pharmacy experience, ensuring that your health care remains just a click away.”

You can explore the detailed case study of how Bluelupin helped GoMedii build on-demand features. 


1. What are the rising trends in medicine delivery app development?

With the ever-changing technology, medicine delivery apps are also evolving by integrating in-demand features. Remote consultation with physicians and getting electronic prescriptions, on-demand and delivery of medicines at doorsteps on the same day, AI chatbots helping in prescribing the right solution for your concern, and secure data privacy of patient’s critical information.

2. How Bluelupin helped GoMedii?

Bluelupin used its technical expertise by facilitating Angular, ASP.NET Core API, SQL Server, Microsoft Azure, and Firebase. By strategically employing these technologies, Bluelupin not only enhanced the functionality of GoMedii but also ensured a smooth, intuitive, and efficient user experience. This thoughtful integration of various tech components is the key to the app’s success in high user engagement.


GoMedii is not just a patient-care platform, it’s a revolution in the pharmaceutical service sector. It shows how technology can fill the gap between the service provider and the consumer, making health checkups and medicine delivery convenient. From the ease of finding the nearest pharmacy to efficiently placing orders of medicines online to getting assurance of safe delivery, GoMedii leads the way for new prayers in the world of e-pharmacy.

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