Building Your First Chatbot: A Step-by-Step Guide (Flowchart Infographic)

Building Your First Chatbot: A Step-by-Step Guide

We have recorded a 67% increase in sales with the help of Chatbots, while over 25% of sales transactions get initiated by a bot. Be it AI-integrated Chatbots or simple scripted Chatbots, they have changed the way consumers interact with goods and service providers. The advancement of technology has changed the scenario of the consumer market. 

“47% of organizations will use chatbots for customer care and 40% will deploy virtual assistants.”

This figure is enough to convince you to implement a chatbot for not only boosting your business operations but also increasing revenue generation. Presenting some key trends that you can see rolling out in the coming weeks.  

Using scripts AI frameworks or chatbot builders can be overwhelming. Build a chatbot easily with the help of a software company in Delhi.  

Key Chatbot trends for consumers to keep an eye out for

  1. Chatbots will communicate in a more human-like manner.
  2. It will be more personalized to help you get what you are looking for faster and upsell similar or complementary products. 
  3. Customer care centers will spend less on human agents who solve basic customer queries because of AI chatbots. 
  4. Voice bots will be your personal assistants.
  5. Every platform will have chatbots that will initiate conversations through the chat process with you to help you navigate the space better. 
  6. The payment process will be more automated. 

Key chatbot trends for business operations 

  1. Common HR-related queries will be solved by bots, not HR managers. 
  2. The employee onboarding process will be automated. 
  3. The employee help desk will be automated for resolving basic and frequently asked questions. 
  4. Manual mundane tasks like data entry and many others will also be automated.
  5. Chatbots will record real-time data and provide constant updates and changes, resulting in more advanced analytics.
  6. Seamless communication within internal departments. 

These benefits have already been availed by many companies in different industries worldwide. 

Learn the role of chatbots in customer service automation

8 real use cases of chatbots

  1. Getting a quick answer in an emergency. 
  2. Getting detailed explanations.
  3. Resolving a problem. 
  4. Making an online reservation in a hotel or tour vehicle. 
  5. Paying bills.
  6. Shopping directly from an online store.
  7. Getting personalized recommendations while purchasing goods.
  8. Get daily reminders for non-negotiable tasks.

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