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What Indian Real Estate Industry Doesn’t Know About Mobile Marketing

What Indian Real Estate Industry Doesn’t Know About Mobile Marketing

There are 200 billion internet users in India with 100 million active internet users from mobile phones alone. As better and more affordable mobile phones continue to penetrate the Indian market, this number is set to increase. Why is mobile important for the Indian real estate industry? In India, 90% of people search for property listings are online where 42% of the searches happen only from...

Digital Beats Print In Real Estate: Here’s How To Conquer Digital Media


Look at this conversion table and see just how much budget can you save by investing in digital media. It is a clear case of digital beating print media.   Today’s buyer is more and more tech-savvy and hence, uses technology to solve his problems, be it buying groceries or investing in some property. Research says that more than 48% of buyers use mobile media to find their property and only...

The Top 10 Real Estate Blogs To Follow


Real estate companies have taken blogging seriously. The information that real estate websites, bloggers, and influencers are putting up in the cloud is immense. From property development to housing market changes, generating more leads from website to branding better, there are numerous blogs to educated and initiate real estate buyers and investors for better purchasing and investing decision...

5 Real Estate Career Mistakes You Can’t Afford To Make As A Developer


Ask any real estate developer, and they’ll not be able to tell you how much time, effort, and money has been put in moving his real estate career forward. Why? Because they do not really have an answer. Most of them have learned what works and what doesn’t the hard way and it is difficult to quantify those things. However, they can always tell you that there is a lot of work that they did that...

[Infographic] The Anatomy Of An Optimized Real Estate Mobile App


Why do you need to go mobile? Let’s view the expansive reach of mobile in India- there are move 100 million active internet users in India where 90% of property search are done online and 40% of property search are performed on mobile alone! This means that a responsive website is not enough for a real estate developer. You need a dedicated mobile app for your development project. Getting a...

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