Top 25 IT companies of India

Top 25 IT companies of India

India has successfully managed to scale the IT ladder and rank 40th from 81st in the 2023 financial year over a span of 8 years. India ranked 40th among 132 countries in the Global Innovation Index (GII) 2023. Meanwhile, Nasscom has predicted the Indian tech industry to grow by 3.8% in the 2024 financial year. You ...
AI for Aam Aadmi How Indian Development is Making AI Accessible for All

AI for Aam Aadmi: How Indian Development is Making AI Accessible for All

Introduction India marked the beginning of a new journey in November 2022 and the country earned the G20 chair, subsequently, waiting to conquer its next accolade i.e., the seat for Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence (GPAI). We all know how advanced AI is as a technology and its potential to become the powerhouse of various frontier technologies worldwide. ...
AIRAWAT: India's AI Powerhouse

AIRAWAT: India’s AI Powerhouse

Introduction The world is advancing through an AI evolution and you will be proud to know that India is emerging as a global AI powerhouse. In this glorious journey, India’s one of the most notable and proud possessions is AIRAWAT! Yes, you read it right. According to Indian mythology, AIRAWAT (aka AIRAVAT) is the king of elephants representing ...