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SamVaad — Learning Management System for NGOs and Education Institutes


Many organizations would like to have a multilingual learning management system for their employees. This type of system comes in handy when you want to conduct employee trainings and education programs. has come up with such a system for India NGOs. Learning and training in organizations can be cumbersome when it is manual. You need to have a convenient way to access all the...

How to Choose the Best WordPress Hosting

How to choose the best wordpress hosting

WordPress hosting. Get it right the first time and you’ll have a great time working in and/or on your WordPress-based business. Miss the mark the first time and you’ll regret it sooner or later. Choosing the best WordPress hosting isn’t something you want to take for granted, more so when you’re investing a lot of effort, time and money in growing your business. I mean, a great WordPress host...

9 Ingredients For Real Estate Websites That Drive More Leads

9 Ingredients For Real Estate Websites That Drive More Leads

Real estate is a competitive industry. If you are a seasoned real estate developer, you know that you need a successful online presence to stay on top of the game. For a website to capture more leads, your website and blog should be set up to capture them. This means, your should get traffic to your website and should be able to turn this traffic into leads. Here’s how you can drive more leads...

Better Technologies, Better Results

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