How SEO-Friendly Websites Drive Success Built by the Best Web Development Companies in India

SEO Success for India's Top Web Dev Companies


With the digitization of businesses in the post-COVID era, the digital realm is being filled with numerous online brands selling the same product as yours. Marketing products through digital ads can give quick conversions, but if the product quality seems average, customers will switch to their competitors. This is why customers now refrain from trusting any online brand that they come across on social media platforms. This is where SEO-friendly websites come into play.

From quality content to optimized technical aspects of a website, SEO can lead the respective brand to success organically. SEO helps bring in loyal customers, boost brand credibility, and establish it as an industry expert. Best web development companies help you achieve your desired goals.

“A good SEO professional not only understands the searcher but the competitive landscape as well.” – Ryan Jones, SEO Group Director at Razorfish

What are SEO-friendly websites 

SEO refers to Search Engine Optimization. SEO-friendly websites mean the website content and the technical structure of the website are optimized for readers and for the crawlers of Google (or any other search engine) as well, to identify relevant content and rank them on Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

Ignore SEO-friendly websites if you don’t want to be successful in business 

SEO-friendly websites are your long-term friends in your journey of establishing a successful business. No matter how big or small your enterprise is, if you are not using SEO-friendly websites you are leaving a lot of money on the table.

This is one of the most cost-effective ways to market your products online. Though it takes time to bring you results, SEO can single-handedly contribute to your website’s increased visibility, brand awareness, credibility, and traffic, establishing your company as an industry expert, building authority in your target market, and making loyal customers who keep coming back to you.

SEO can boost your revenue in the long run if SEO strategies are perfect.

SEO Strategy Basics

Search engines aim to provide their searchers with quality and relevant content that is technically optimized for a better user experience. Hence a website that has helpful content, answers the searcher’s queries properly in a detailed manner, and makes it easy for search engines to read the web page and rank it higher in the SERP.

A successful SEO strategy basically includes these key elements;

  • Proper Keyword research
  • Internal link building
  • Unique content
  • Technical optimization (UX, Metadata, site structure, device compatibility, etc)
  • A thorough analysis of the technical report

Refer to this video for a basic understanding of how SEO works.

Companies for web development typically deal with technical aspects of SEO optimization. We are going to dive deep into the technical SEO best practices that the top web development company in India follows.

Why should you trust the best companies for web development for SEO

Optimizing websites for search engines contains various factors to consider. Neglecting a single element of the SEO optimization checklist can break your game. This is where top web development companies come into the picture.

This is how top companies for web development build SEO-friendly websites to drive success;

Optimizing website structure and code

Best companies ensure your website’s code and structure are clean so that search engine crawlers easily read and index your website for higher ranking.

Mobile friendly websites 

Best companies prefer responsive design over an artist’s elegance, only to make sure your website appears seamlessly on all sorts of devices.

Faster loading speed

They do not forget to optimize every element of a website from pictures, and videos to source code, so that web pages on your site load faster, in order to keep users engaged and reduce bounce rates.

Clear navigation in the user interface

Best Web developers design thoughtful navigation structures and a simple user interface so that viewers easily find what they are searching for on your website. 

Using AI and advanced techniques 

Best companies for web development stay updated with the trends and leverage the power of AI in SEO strategies to get accurate data analysis, find patterns in user behavior trends, and come up with advanced content optimization techniques.

SEO best practices that top web development company in India follows

  1. Sitemaps

A sitemap is like a collection of links to all the pages present on your website. It works like an outline which helps you organise and navigate all the content on your site with ease.

Google mostly finds web pages through links. Now if a website is newly launched and has only a few external backlinks, then a sitemap can be a huge help for Google to find all the relevant pages present on your site. 

A similar case happens when your website has millions of pages and you have not linked important pages internally and also have many external backlinks, Google may neglect the important pages on your site. This is why sitemaps play a crucial role.

Without sitemaps, a search engine will have a tough time trying to index your site. As a result, your site will rank lower no matter how good the content is.

2. URLs

Only clean codes and using sitemaps won’t do you any good until you leverage the power of URLs.  URLs have to be structured in a way that matches the content hierarchy present in the navigation and sitemaps. 

Well-structured URLs contain keywords to make it clear what the web page is talking about, use no special characters now space and upper case.

For example, when you are searching for pasta recipes on Google,


Which URL conveys the concerned web page’s information better? (obviously the 2nd one) Google will rank it higher.

3. Robots.txt

Robots.txt is a file that works exactly opposite to sitemaps. This tool hinders search engines from crawling unimportant pages. But if implemented the wrong way, it can block the main web pages from being crawled. As a result, your site will rank lower on the SERP as your site will not be properly indexed. 

Search for any faulty robots.txt file and remove it for better SEO results. 

4. Redirects 

To stay aligned with the evolving digital landscape, many people are recreating their old domain and content. Redirects help users to lead them to the right pages at the time of a website’s launch process. 

Properly use 301 and 302 redirect codes. Testing the redirect codes is essential irrespective of how many pages are redirected to the same destination. 

5. Response codes

Response code refers to a specific HTTP status code that a web server sends to a web browser. The code indicates the status of the requested web page commonly includes 200 meaning OK, 404 meaning Not Found, and 301 referring to Redirects.

The web server’s response regarding the status of a web page helps search engines understand whether a page still exists, has moved, or has developed an error. A 404 error negatively impacts SEO as it means the requested page is not found, thereby leading to the website’s lower ranking on SERP.

6. Loading speed

Google encourages websites to have high loading speeds as Google wants its users to get proper answers to their queries faster.

If your web page loads slower than your competitor’s web page, search engines will likely rank them higher on SERP. This will eventually lead to a higher bounce rate, negatively impacting SEO efforts.

Enhance the loading speed of a web page by optimizing pictures, compressing large videos and files, improving server response time, and reducing unnecessary page directs.

7. Mobile-friendliness

With an increased user base of mobile phones, Google prioritizes mobile-friendly websites over desktop-only sites. Top companies in India make sure your websites are compatible with a range of handy devices for better SEO ranking.

8. Security

Top companies make sure your website has an SSL that works without error. They ensure the websites do not have vulnerabilities to be used to hack or inject a virus. For this, checking thoroughly whether the pages your websites are linking to are safe and secure, is crucial. 

9. Backlinks and Nofollow links

When search engine crawlers study backlinks, they comprehend it as a sign that one website affirms the quality and authority of another website. Through this process, search engines think that the web content is valid, unique, and useful to readers, contributing to overall SEO rankings.

Nofollow links are basically hyperlinks with a “rel=nofollow” tag. These links are being used to prevent spammers from using sneaky tricks in order to get their websites to rank higher on SERPs.

Now imagine, you have a diary in which you write every day and sometimes you give it to others to write in it too. Few people will write about their own stuff like promoting their own products, where we don’t want any promotional stuff. It is not very nice, right?

There should be a special pen with which if you write any promotional stuff, it will not get any attention or credit. It is more like saying “Hey, don’t pay attention to this link, it’s just someone trying to sell something”. You can refer to that pen as a nofollow link. 

Nofollow links do not influence Google rankings. It tells search engines “Hey, don’t count this link when deciding which websites are more important or popular”.  

10Search structured schema markup

This works as a fusion between content and UX design. Top web developers know that formatting a page is important to make it readable for both users and search engines. 

Pro web developers use search-structured schema markup to leverage the potential of formatting. It lets Google know what type of content is on each part of the page and which questions each page answers.

Choose the right companies for web development 

Proven experience in SEO: 

Study the portfolio of the web development companies to see the quality of their works and case studies to understand what type of projects they have worked on so far. It also helps in determining which SEO strategies and tricks they are well aware of. 

Transparency and communication: 

Choosing the right companies for web development becomes easy when they communicate objections and affirmations clearly. They should explain their work process in detail, keep you updated with each development phase, break down pricing policy, and are encouraged by your feedback.

Results focussed: 

SEO is a digital marketing effort, and bringing results to a company’s marketing campaign is crucial. Search for the chosen company’s past records in bringing results like increased traffic to websites and making better SERP ranking for previous clients.


Quality and unique content coupled with technically optimized websites can give you the best results in terms of high ranking on SERPs and increased revenue. In this blog, we have discussed why choosing the best companies for web development will be the right choice for your business. 


1. What tactics you will use to ensure the website is SEO-friendly?

Some common and effective practices include creating user-friendly and keyword-infused URLs, writing quality and authentic content,  including sitemaps, creating internal links, optimising images and compressing large files, etc.

2. Why is SEO-friendly website important?

SEO-friendly website is important as it ranks on Google SERPs, contributing to increased visibility and thereby bringing in a pool of customers organically within spending a penny on ads. SEO is considered the most cost effective way of marketing that provides higher returns in the long run. 

3. What is SEO and why is it important in web development?

SEO means Search Engine Optimization. This refers to optimising a website for both readers and search engines. SEO is important in web development as it contributes to a website’s increased visibility and trust, credibility, better user experience and giving it a competitive advantage over competition, boosting a website’s holistic growth. 

4. What are the characteristics of SEO-friendly website?

Key characteristics of a SEO-friendly website are mobile friendly design, user friendly interface and navigation, keyword optimised URLs and metadata, fast loading web page, relevant content, optimised image and videos.

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