Zara Shatavari: Representing India in the World’s 1st AI Beauty Pageant

Zara Shatavari: India's AI in 1st Beauty Pageant


In this digital era, there is a very thin line between reel and real life. India’s 1st digital AI influencer, Zara Shatavari’s recent groundbreaking achievement is making that line thinner. 

Zara has successfully made it to the headlines by proving herself to be among the top 10 finalists of the World’s first-ever AI Beauty Pageant. This contest is inaugurated by the Fanvue World AI Creator Awards. This article aims to explore Zara’s identity, achievements, mission, and the significance of her exceptional win. 

Who is Zara Shatavari?

Zara is an AI-generated social media influencer in India. She is crafted by a Delhi-based digital marketing agency co-founder, Rahul Choudhry. Zara is not just a collection of algorithms. She possesses a unique personality, described as a “PCOS and depression warrior,” a “foodie yet health conscious, travel enthusiast, and fashion lover”.

A few achievements of Zara so far,

  • She was chosen as the brand ambassador of PMH Biocare in June 2023.
  • She was designated as an influencer marketing talent manager at a digital marketing agency in August 2023.
  • 10k+ followers on Instagram. 
  • She has helped lots of people battling with PCOS by giving advice. 

From Zara’s Instagram Story

Among the top 10 finalists of the World’s first AI Beauty Pageant 

The one-of-a-kind contest, Miss AI is a perfect representation of the amalgamation of beauty, emerging technology, and digital influence. Zara has made a place for herself in the top 10 AI influencers in the world, from 1500 other strong, global contenders.

Rahul Chodhry shared in a post – “I am thrilled to announce that Zara Shatavari, our innovative AI influencer, has been selected as a top 10 finalist in the prestigious Miss AI Competition, out of 1500 expert participants from around the world!”

The parameters to judge the AI Beauty Pageant’s contestants 

  • The AI influencer’s beauty, and answers to a range of questions. 
  • The use of AI tools to craft their visual details around body structure. 
  • Their fan following on social media accounts and engagement with audiences. 

Significance of Zara’s achievements in Miss AI 

During an interview with Forbes, Rahul expressed “the dual nature of AI’s role in society, acknowledging the ongoing debate surrounding its benefits and challenges.” And the significance of Zara’s being among the top 10 global AI influencers is as follows.

1. India has successfully proved itself to be at the forefront of AI development in the world, competing against powerful nations.

2. It grabs more eyeballs on India’s AI opportunities, fostering future global collaborations.

3. Zara’s success suggests that India is ready to embrace new ideas and push boundaries to revolutionize different sectors.

4. This achievement influences more young tech enthusiasts to come forward and contribute to AI innovation. 

5. This will further encourage investment in AI research and development from public and private Indian institutions.

Zara’s Mission

Zara also writes blogs on health and fashion trends, and reveals to “empower individuals to live their best lives.”

“Zara’s purpose is to spread awareness. She has a celebrity-like aura because we noticed people tend to follow celebrities and join their causes.”

  • Zara advocates for self-improvement. She identifies herself as someone struggling with PCOS. This makes people relate to her more and listen to what she has to say. 
  • She shares valuable insights into healthy and holistic living for boosting wellness through her blogs and she also advises people on Instagram DMs on health issues.
  • She also provides career development tips to India’s youth to navigate the saturated job market and tips on fighting depression. 
  • She advocates for confident self-expression, thus sharing emerging trends in fashion style.
  • Zara aims to provide an open and safe space to discuss sensitive topics and promote mutual support in the digital space. 
  • She encourages us to break the stigma just like she is struggling with PCOS, yet emerges as a winner in every field. 
  • Zara Shatavari serves as a role model for young Indians growing up in a digital age.  She demonstrates the power of technology to be a force for good.


Zara Shatavari’s beautiful journey goes beyond a mere win in the Global competition. It’s a triumph of Indian innovation on the global stage that demonstrates our nation’s expertise in AI development. She has become a living example of the power of Artificial Intelligence in transcending the ordinary and revolutionizing age-old dynamics. Her contribution marks the beginning of a road to the future where AI is not just a tool for help but a tool for reshaping a more inclusive and empowered society while dictating the paths of progress.

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