60 Stats and Trends That Will Define The Future of E-Commerce (Info-graphic)

E-Commerce has grown exponentially over the years. Now, it’s growth is predicted to shrink little by little until 2021, but its total dollar value in sales will still be a whopping $4.8B.

Mobile and Multi-Channel

While the move to mobile-first is well underway, research shows that people still prefer to make purchases using desktop. They use mobile devices to research about products.

This gives rise to the need for companies to be present in more than just one social media channel. 58% of people go on their phones to look up products and check reviews, so it’s better to have several different touchpoints.

73% of people use multiple channels to do their shopping, so if you want to gain their sales, be present wherever your customers are.


Convenience is also a big thing. This takes the form of more personalized choices, seamless customer service, and expedited deliveries.

74% of consumers don’t like seeing products unrelated to their needs, so ecommerce shops need to take care what ads or recommendations they show. Custom subscription services, quality subscription boxes and other highly personalized, curated ways to shop reduce greatly the cost per sale and send conversion rates through the roof.

On the other hand, 52% of consumers stop buying from a company after a bad customer service experience, so companies need to polish that by using automation since 68% consider speed of resolution as “good customer service”.

Lastly, same-day delivery service has solid proof of demand, with 79% willing to request this method if it guarantees they receive their package within an hour. 72% show willingness to spend more on a store if it offers same-day delivery.

Guest post by : Josh Wardini from Subscriptionly.net

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