AI for Aam Aadmi: How Indian Development is Making AI Accessible for All

AI for Aam Aadmi How Indian Development is Making AI Accessible for All


India marked the beginning of a new journey in November 2022 and the country earned the G20 chair, subsequently, waiting to conquer its next accolade i.e., the seat for Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence (GPAI).

We all know how advanced AI is as a technology and its potential to become the powerhouse of various frontier technologies worldwide. And when it comes to India, the nation’s development frontier is thriving with endless opportunities, with skilled professionals striving to make Artificial Intelligence accessible to people of all age groups.

So, as you read today’s blog post, you will know the many initiatives and measures that India is taking not only to shift to a remarkable digital transformation but to also make the country a hub of AI trends and advancements as more development teams come forward to innovate ground-breaking AI-enabled programs and solutions

Let’s dive in!

Indian development in AI

The Indian development community is diverse and agile and they are expected to shape the future of AI remarkably in the next few years. From building cutting-edge AI solutions and products to resolving challenges across the country, AI as a technology is going to witness a breakthrough transformation very soon, all due to the incessant strivings and endeavours made by the Indian development diaspora.

Plus, Indian development teams are also trying to get Artificial Intelligence a global recognition, and the country’s collaborative teamwork with GitHub has made it the fastest-growing market in the international with a record of the second-highest number of GenAI projects on the platform after the US.

Top 5 Indian AI programs and schemes to consider

In recent years, India’s private and public sectors have AI-enabled tools to the table, thanks to the country’s widespread skills and talents for this possible. From healthcare, and governmental services to security solutions, Indian development teams are serving a plethora of industries by creating scalable and intuitive AI products and tools for them.

Below are 5 such schemes and programs that India has launched over the past few years to make Artificial Intelligence accessible to all.

Crowd Estimation and Management Tool by the Telangana Government

During the India vs. West Indies T20 match in 2019 and the Medaram Jatara Festival in 2020 in Hyderabad, Indian police could gracefully manage the mobs, thanks to the Crowd Estimation and Managed Tool launched by the Telangana Government. It was developed by Awiros with robust AI integrations that enable cops to estimate crowds in any particular location using feeds from CCTV cameras.

Real-time Digital Authentication of Identity Government by the Telangana Government

The Real-time Digital Authentication of Identity tool was introduced by the Telangana Government to authenticate eligible pensioners during the COVID-19 pandemic. Technologies such as deep learning, machine learning and AI are integrated into the tool to make document verification faster and easier.

The app uses an AI, ML and deep learning-based liveness checklist that allows users to click a photo and upload it on the interface and they will get access to all the perks offered by RTDAI. Plus, the tool comes with a high-end public data system where details of every customer are stored methodically.

Uzhavan by the Tamil Nadu Government

Uzhavan, a cutting-edge AI-enabled app was launched by the Tamil Nadu Government, designed for the farmers of the state to detect harmful pests in their crops and offer effective remedies for them. Using this tool is simple, the farmer just has to click the image of a pest-affected crop area, even if the person uses a low-budget camera.

Then, they can upload the picture directly on the app. Once done, the in-built intelligent system of Uzhavan will analyze and detect the pest and will send the picture back to the farmer with the pertinent remedial solutions in the form of a text message. And the best part is this entire process takes place in Tamil, the local dialect of Tamil Nadu.

e-Paarvai app by the Tamil Nadu Government

e-Paarvai is a smart and intelligent AI-enabled mobile application that was launched by the Tamil Nadu government that address the lack of qualified ophthalmologists in the state with the ability to detect cataracts in patients quickly and efficiently.

MyGov Corona Helpdesk by MeitY

When the Covid-19 pandemic was at its peak, many fake news and speculations were spread on social media about the virus. To resolve this problem permanently, the Indian Ministry of Health, MyGov and Haptik, an AI startup launched the MyGov Corona Helpdesk app in 2020. It’s an AI-enabled chatbot that aims to increase awareness about the coronavirus pandemic to help Indians fight against it more effectively.

Statistics and Facts

Given the several AI-enabled tools that have already started to transform the country digitally, particularly where India is backed by skilled development teams, we have no reason to fall short of facts and statistics that support this affirmation substantially. Below are only a few of such insights and findings.

India has already witnessed a surge in the number of training programs and courses that are related to technologies like deep learning (DL), machine learning (ML) and AI that aim to meet the growing demand for genuine skills and talents in the country.

As per a NASSCOM report, the software market in India is expected to reach 7.8 billion by 2025.

Government schemes such as Niti Aayog and MyGov Corona Helpdesk will enhance AI research and adoption further in the nation.

Platforms like Microsoft, Amazon and Google will make AI widely accessible to various enterprises and startups operating in the country.

In the coming years, Artificial Intelligence will bring a remarkable digital transition in several sectors of India including education, agriculture, healthcare and many more, having far-reaching consequences on the economy as well as society of the country.

India has recently seen a sudden growth in AI companies which is surely a positive change. This paves the way for more AI startups to come forward and build innovative AI products and solutions by using technologies such as Machine Learning (ML), Deep Learning (DL) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Well, this checklist of facts is not exhaustive and there is more to explore as India awaits a promising AI future down the road with relentless opportunities for growth, perks, innovation and employment prospects.


To say the least, the Indian development diaspora that is vast and booming has already carved a remarkable niche for itself when it comes to building highly innovative and scalable AI tools and products for every nook and cranny of the country.

 The 5 path-breaking AI-based programs and developments that India has witnessed in recent years are all the fruition of the hard work and dedication of development teams operating in India with extensive knowledge in technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Deep Learning and Machine Learning.

So, if you too have a business and want avant-garde AI tools and products for its web interface, consider hiring a development team that possesses the necessary skills and cognizance and technologies and toolkits to frame AI solutions and products that meet your custom needs perfectly.

Good Luck!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can AI benefit India?

Artificial Intelligence is expected to accelerate digital transformation in India in various sectors of the country including education, healthcare and agriculture to say the least. This will have a long-lasting impact on both the economy and society of India.

What is the future of AI in India?

The AI market in India reached $680 million in 2022 and will reach $3.935 million by 2028 accompanied by a CAGR of 33.28% between 2023 and 2028. In 2018, Indian AI cost increased by 109.6% million in 2018 and will further grow at a CAGR of 39% to reach an astronomical figure of $11,781 million by 2025.

What is the progress of AI in India?

The growth and progress of AI in India are happening at a rapid pace backed by a booming ecosystem that involves multinational corporations, government initiatives, academic institutions and startups. Major players in this ecosystem have contributed remarkably to making India recognized as a global AI hub.

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