API Development Guide

API development:  Ultimate Guide to Developing Robust APIs

When developing applications, one of the critical things you ought to remember is that your application should have the capability of synergizing with other applications over a device to access their functionalities. This is what APIs are for. API or Application Programming Interface can be thought of as the connectors between different pieces of code. They essentially ...
IoT Development

IoT Development

The exponential evolution of technology has led to a considerable rise in the number of objects that are associated with the Internet. This expansive association is constantly changing the technological appearance of the world. The Internet of Things (IoT) is a system of analogous computing devices, and also digital and mechanical machines, animals, people or objects ...
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Top Ten Latest Trends in App Development in 2018

The use of mobile applications has detonated in the course of recent years. With the regularly developing selection of present-day cell phones, an ever-increasing number of customers are utilizing applications to arrange their most loved sustenance, book tickets, perform saving money exchanges, tune in to music in a hurry, and so on. Today, our reality is ...