Offshore Web Development in New Delhi

Offshore Web Development in New Delhi


What if you could reduce your web development costs by half, work with amazing people remotely, and make your in-house team do the tough job of curating trending website content while the monotonous, repetitive ones like building and upgrading websites get done by remote service providers? Sounds fascinating? This is why business owners from different countries tend to leverage the offshore web development services of Delhi-based companies.

This blog will explore a handful of top companies for web development in Delhi that handle outsourced development projects. 

Before we present you with the list of the best offshore website design companies in New Delhi, let’s learn what benefits you can get after working with them. 

Why choose an offshore website design company in New Delhi

Selecting an offshore website design company in New Delhi has lots of pros. These companies grant you full access to a huge talent pool of skilled developers proficient in the latest technologies. Also, offshore services in New Delhi are quite cost-effective and allow businesses to save a lot on their development needs. Besides, the engagement models that such companies provide are quite flexible, and you can expect ongoing 24/7 support. Along with that, with a strong focus on innovative solutions and firm project management, New Delhi-based offshore web development companies will help your business improve its online presence and meet your digital needs faster.

Offshore Companies for Web Development in New Delhi

There are several companies for web development in New Delhi offering custom web development services worldwide. Here is a list of the top 10 of them. 

1. Bluelupin

Bluelupin Technologies is one of the leading software and web development companies in Delhi NCR. It specializes in offshore web development services. The company offers high-standard, customized web solutions across the world with the use of the most up-to-date technologies such as MERN, Laravel, and .Net Core. The experienced specialists of this leading software company in Delhi deliver scalable, reliable, and high-performance applications that meet the needs of clients in different countries.

GMB Rating: 4.5


Services: offshore web and mobile app development, Salesforce development, enterprise software development, chatbot development, custom e-commerce platform development. 

Per hour rate: $25 – $49

Contact: , +91 9910024224 

2. Xcrino Business Solutions

Xcrino Business Solutions is one of the best offshore web development companies. They are a software development company that offers cutting-edge solutions to provide cost-effective innovative and high-end web services to its global customers. The company specializes in AI, machine learning, and mobile app development. They offer excellent, low-cost, and highly efficient web solutions that can give your business the efficiency, quality, and reliability it needs to succeed.

GMB Rating: 3.7


Services: Android App Development, IOS App Development, Software Development, Website Development, Digital Marketing

Per hour rate: ₹700/ Hour 

Contact:, 011-40110556

3. Pragya net technology 

Pragya Net Technology is one of the leading web design and development companies doing offshore web development in India. They have customer-focused solutions, and effective and clear expertise in Web site Design, application development, and e-commerce to make global businesses more competitive.

GMB Rating: 4.2


Services: website development, web marketing, application development, web hosting, graphic design. 

Per hour rate: US $ 25 – US $ 60

Contact: +91 9810799633 

4. SAM Web Studio 

SAM Web Studio is a renowned offshore web Development Company based in Delhi offering various services such as custom website design, e-commerce website development, mobile application development, etc. In addition, it uses advanced technology and tools to deliver top-quality web solutions that are effective, efficient, and reliable.

GMB Rating: 4.8


Services: static and responsive website design and development, mobile web design and app development, e-commerce website development, digital marketing. 

Per hour rate: $5,000+ 

Contact:, +91 9968-353-570 

5. Centexus

As a professional offshore website design company in New Delhi, Web Centexus offers top-notch and highly affordable web development services. The team and the cutting-edge technologies that it uses to make its web application development, custom designs, and website maintenance unbeatable. All web solutions that they offer are of excellent quality and are highly reliable and performance-driven.

GMB Rating: N/A


Services: Offshore web development, software development, flex, PHP, CMS, B2B and B2C web development, progressive web app. 

Per hour rate: N/A

Contact:, +91-9289879997  

6. ID Data Info Systems Pvt. Ltd.

ID Data Info Systems is another offshore web development company in India. It provides a range of solutions like e-commerce, software development, web design and development, mobile apps, and various other business services.

GMB Rating: 4.9


Services: custom application development, web design and development, mobile apps, offshore software development, CMS, remote managed services. 

Per hour rate: N/A

Contact:, 08285205260

7. Nextwebi IT

Nextwebi is one of the best offshore companies for web development located in Delhi. They are specialized in providing offshore web development services to their clients around the world. They provide services such as responsive web design, custom e-commerce solutions, and SEO with technology focused on SharePoint, Azure, and Angular. Their superior team brings the best quality and cost-effective web solutions to global clients.

GMB Rating: 5.0


Services: web application development, e-commerce, website development, digital transformation, offshore software development, mobile apps, security solutions. 

Per hour rate: $750-$2000/month 

Contact:, +917619635111

8. ICO WebTech Pvt. Ltd.

ICO WebTech is a leading website designing and digital marketing company serving in Delhi. It is known for providing offshore web development services, delivering customized and SEO-friendly website websites, e-commerce solutions, and services for mobile app development. ICO WebTech ensures high-quality designs delivered by a team of experts for a responsive design for a better user experience and your global online business growth.

GMB Rating: 4.6


Services: mobile application, hire web developers, web development, WordPress, PHP, Magento, dynamic website development. 

Per hour rate: $500-$1000/hour

Contact:, +91-8447380262

9. SIB Infotech

SIB Infotech is the top professional web development company in New Delhi, India. They offer offshore web development services for clients who are looking to hire their services outside of the country. The company is innovative in the world of web development, and it provides custom web design, responsive websites, and e-commerce solutions in a top-quality and cost-effective manner.

GMB Rating: 4.3


Services: web development, software development, website designing, custom PHP web development, all frontend and backend development.

Per hour rate: $20+/hour

Contact:, +91-9222260000

10. Web Tech India

WebTech India is one of the best companies for web development in Delhi, providing offshore services. They are known for their custom web design, development, and digital marketing solutions, which allow them to ensure high-quality and cost-effective results. Their experts concentrate on SEO-friendly designs and dynamic web applications, which is why many global companies prefer their services.

GMB Rating: 3.8


Services: offshore web development, PHP  CMS, ASP,  web portal development, Joomla web development, web design. 

Per hour rate: N/A

Contact:, +91 9212080026

How to Choose an Offshore web development company in Delhi NCR 

Before choosing an offshore web development company you need to assess the following-

1. You need to be clear about which type of web application you want. Progressive? Static? Or a dynamic one?

2. Be clear about the features you want to include in your web app. Communicate your needs and ask whether their tech stack and expertise align with your requirements.

3. Check their previous projects to see the quality of their work. Check testimonials and referrals to see the clients from which industries they have worked with.

4. Time zone matters. The time zone of the country your chosen company is based in, should be flexible and align with your working hours. 

5. Ask for robust security policies and steps against data breaches.

6. See how they negotiate pricing structure and communicate with you.


1. What is offshore web development?

Offshore web development is when you outsource your web application project to other companies based out of a different country.

2. Why should you offshore web development projects? 

Offshore development comes with lots of benefits. From leveraging the best remote talent pool, tech expertise, lower development costs, unique strategies, and lower operational risks, to flexible scalability and gaining industry insights into other countries.

3. How can you handle security confidentiality with the offshore team?

You should sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with the offshore development team before further project requirement discussions. This will ensure they will not disclose your project details to someone else. You should also make contracts according to your concerns like handing over your IP rights once the project gets done.  


While in-house or nearby teams can give you benefits, offshore companies bring opportunities for leveraging the unique talent pool, strategies, and technology of other countries. You also need to be careful about who you are partnering with, a registered company or a fraud. Hope, this list will help you in some way to find a legit partner for your web development project.

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