SamVaad — Learning Management System for NGOs and Education Institutes


Many organizations would like to have a multilingual learning management system for their employees. This type of system comes in handy when you want to conduct employee trainings and education programs. has come up with such a system for India NGOs. Learning and training in organizations can be cumbersome when it is manual. You need to have a convenient way to access all the information in a program. This makes studying easier, which in turns make it easier for people to grasp the concepts that are taught. offers bespoke platforms that are geared towards every organization’s needs. Samvaad is one of the revolutionary platforms that has come up with.

Samvaad Language Module for India NGOs has a language module that is easy to use for Samvaad. It allows India NGOs to pick the language that they would like to use on the application. This module takes into consideration the different languages and cultures represented in every organization. Once you pick the language, you can access different sections of the application, including coursework, video and audio lessons in your preferred language. The platform also has a number of sections that are arranged in hierarchical order. There is the course, the chapters, and the tropics. One leads to the other. This hierarchy makes it easy for learners to access different modules in a simple and straightforward way.

Secure Software Development recognizes the need for security in software development. All platforms, including Samvaad are therefore secured for users and tutors alike. The platform is highly regulated, which means that it cannot be accessed by anyone who doesn’t have permission. For India NGOs that have highly sensitive information, this is a good feature to have. The user management is regulated and specific to an organization.

Versatility of Content on the Learning Management System

With this learning management system from, you can access text, audio, and video content. This variety caters to users with different needs. All those who prefer to read, listen or watch a tutorial can choose their appropriate mode of study. It is a great feature, especially because you can include YouTube tutorials which are often easier to follow for most people. In addition to this content versatility, users are able to receive immediate or scheduled PUSH notifications from the platform. The platform also provides a plugin approach to load various external tools for learning purpose. For example, in a financial literacy tutorial, you can attach a calculator which calculates interest and installment for a particular type of loan. Considering poor network coverage in rural areas, the system also supports a complete offline mode for training purpose.

One of the other features that many software development experts do not consider is the option to take a quiz after every lesson. Samvaad is programmed in such a way that allows the organization to publish quizzes that the users can take to gauge their understanding of the content on the learning management system. is a pioneer in learning software management, providing India NGOs with options when it comes to learning and trainings. Other organizations should consider this software development expert because the Samvaad platform already has great reviews from our clients and users. These bespoke platforms will change the way organizations tackle training and development of employees and for other online users as well.

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