App Development for Small Business – Affordable Mobile Platform Solution

App Development for Small Business – Affordable Mobile Platform Solution

In today’s digital world, it is important for small to medium business to maintain a good mobile internet presence. And the best way to do so is through a marketing app. With consumers shifting towards mobile devices to access the internet, it is a must for small to medium businesses to cater to their needs through the use of a mobile app.

For most small business owners, app development is something that they need to prioritize. However, some businesses are hesitant about creating their own app because of budget constraints. The good news is that there’s a mobile app platform that help them develop their own apps at a much lower cost.

Introducing MobileKonnect – Mobile App Platform for Small Businesses

MobileKonnect is a CMS based native mobile app platform for iOS and Android that allows you to create and manage a mobile app. It is the most powerful mobile content management system on the market today. What makes it special is that it allows you to manage the content of the app without the need of special training.

Everything a small business needs for app development is found within MobileKonnect. It has been designed to allow small to medium business owners to publish an app and maintain it with the last amount of time and effort. That way they are able to focus on their core business. Through the mobile app platform, they are able to change the content, navigation, and theme of the app whenever they want to.


Features of MobileKonnect

The native app made with MobileKonnect can be used even when the mobile device is not connected to the internet. Users are able to browse the different products or services that the business has to offer even when they are offline. Some of the things that consumers can check while they are offline are staff and product listing. It is multilingual, which is good for small businesses targeting a diverse market.

Business owners are able to choose from various functionalities out of the box that include the home screen, video and image gallery, and social media integration, just to name a few. The content of the app can be edited anytime through the proprietary Konnect App Management Portal or KAMP.

MobileKonnect allows users to add eBook functionality to their marketing app that is compatible with both PDF and Epub formats. There’s no need for users to open a separate app in order to read what the small to medium business wants to share with their market.

Another feature of the mobile app platform is its content aggregator. Business owners can easily create engaging content with the use of the feature that supports Twitter, Facebook, Feed burner and RSS, just to name a few.

The marketing app will also allow consumers to contact the business via call, SMS or email. This allows the company to provide better customer service, which can foster customer loyalty. Inactive leads can be reactivated through the push notification feature.

These are the features small to medium businesses can get when they start using MobileKonnect. It is the most cost effective way to app development. It is recommended for companies that don’t have a large budget for the endeavor.