9 Ingredients For Real Estate Websites That Drive More Leads

9 Ingredients For Real Estate Websites That Drive More Leads

Real estate is a competitive industry. If you are a seasoned real estate developer, you know that you need a successful online presence to stay on top of the game.

For a website to capture more leads, your website and blog should be set up to capture them. This means, your should get traffic to your website and should be able to turn this traffic into leads.

Here’s how you can drive more leads through your websites:

9 Ingredients for real estate websites that drive more leads:


Make Sure You Have Three Landing pages

The more landing pages you have, the better you can capture high-quality leads. For example, here are the three landing pages you can have:

  1. Free Buyer’s Guide
  2. Free Seller’s Guide
  3. Free Seller’s Home Evaluation 

Your next step is to make access to these landing pages easy by linking them using calls to action (CTAs) on your website.

Create multiple calls to action with compelling copy. Use these CTAs to give something to your visitors in exchange for contacting you. You can have multiple calls to actions for your various types of clients.

Your landing page should have shorter contact forms. They are more effective for converting goals and minimize the friction to do business with you. It should be visually appealing to your visitors. Too many fields overwhelm visitors and turn them away.

According to QuickSprout, a form with just three fields- first name, last name, emails- gather 25% more leads! 


Get Google Friendly

It is not easy to show on top of search results. It takes a lot of testing and efforts.

One way to get noticed by Google is to create your own keywords. Start by using your name and company name in your websites occasionally. 

This is an easy tactic to drive traffic to your website and convert it into leads. 

Using your name or your company name is important because every buyer or seller that interviews you, will Google your name to find out more about you.


Add A Blog To Your Real Estate Website

This is a necessity and not a choice. To build trust, you need to build your blog. To remain relevant online, you need to create content.

Web sites that don’t blog regularly get 4-6 times less search engine traffic on google (depending on the industry).

Having a blog on your website helps you build a consistent stream of traffic online. It can be traffic from social media, or showing up on Google, or helping you convert ads better. 

How to start a successful blog:

  1. Record video FAQs addressing common real estate questions. Now you’ve got a high-quality video and blog content.
  2. Do you not have the time to blog? Outsource the writing of blog content. Have someone creates blog content for your business. You can freelancer.com for getting freelancers to prepare blog content for your business or hire a content marketing ageny.
  3. Leverage the power of your partnering companies. For example, if you partner with lenders or companies, ask them to contribute written blog content on a regular basis.

For a successful social media presence, you need quality content that you can link back to your website.

Benefits of active blog for your real estate website:

It helps you to build trust and confidence in establishing you as the expert. When you publish content about your USP online, you gain more trust as people believe what they can see.


Create your own blog content

Best real estate websites create their own blog content, not just outsource it. Learn how to interlink your posts. Interlinking helps a page in Google rankings. One simple way to do it is to link back to another post on the same website.

Example of effective blogging techniques for real estate website:

If your real estate business is concentrated to a particular neighborhood, write blog posts about that neighbourhood. Then, in your blog post, link back to the other pages who are writing about the same.

Simple trick to creating content for real estate website:

  1. Find a previously successful blog article
  2. Make it better in three ways:

This will give you an article that is shared more often and get easily found on Google.


Add supporting keyword in your blog article

Most searches on Google are unique. If you add more words and phrases, it increases your chance of getting found online. Use adwords keyword planner tool.

How to generate keyword ideas?

Before you finalize the keyword to use in your content, Google it up. When you scroll till the end, you see the related searches. These results are the keywords people searched.

Now, include these variations of keywords in your article. It can be included in your content’s subheadings. This will help Google understand more on what your website is about. 

These keywords will also give you the perfect idea on what to write about and what your potential clients are searching.


Concentrate on social media 

Before working on your website’s SEO, it is important to focus on social media. You need to get popular on social media if you want more traffic to your website.

This not only bring you organic traffic but also help you engage with more people on your website. Remember, people sharing your website are your leads. Getting more shares and likes on social media means more chances for you to show up on Google web search.

How to get your content shared on social media:

  1. Use viral content buzz.
  2. Post content on interest with images. Use canva.
  3. Easy shareability with share icons on your website. Use sumome or icegram.


Nurturing your leads with plugins

To get quality leads, cultivate the people who already like you, and who have already landed on your website. 

Use pop-up chats, slide-ins or even content upgrades. Using them will not affect your user experience and SEO. This can be achieved easily using leadpages. 

What’s the benefit of real estate websits using these for lead generation? To build newsletter lists for your business.  


Maintain consistent contact info across the web 

Simple but easily ignored.

Your contact information should be the same across the web. This will help you to easily show up in listings with Google Places. 

How to get listed on Google’s first page:

  1. Your website should have a contact page with full contact information
  2. Match the same information on Google Places, Yelp etc

More listings matching this contact information gives you more chances to rank higher 


Post videos on your website

Create video and put it up on your website. You can use hdestates.com to create high quality videos of your property.

According to research by PropertiesOnline.com, 19% of property buyers want to see videos while 73% of homeowners will list with a real estate website if they provide videos. However, only 9% of websites are doing it.

Why posting videos on a real estate website important?

Putting your voice and your face online helps you build a close relationship with people. This in turn helps you build trust.

Videos from YouTube that are posted in a website gets high rank on Google Web Search. And whatever Google loves, we make sure we love it too.


You can generate more leads with any of these methods. But, for a more successful and effective execution, you should deploy one tactic at a time, based on the goal of your website. Remember, the focus is critical. So, set your goals and work on achieving success one at a time.

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