What Indian Real Estate Industry Doesn’t Know About Mobile Marketing

What Indian Real Estate Industry Doesn’t Know About Mobile Marketing

There are 200 billion internet users in India with 100 million active internet users from mobile phones alone. As better and more affordable mobile phones continue to penetrate the Indian market, this number is set to increase.

Why is mobile important for the Indian real estate industry?

In India, 90% of people search for property listings are online where 42% of the searches happen only from mobile phones! That means, if you’re not marketing on mobile, you are going to lose your customers and make your competitor party for it.

There has also been change in the residential property buyer’s profile. The Indian buyers are now young and tech savvy, ranging from 25-45 years of age among which 28-38 age group is a major buying segment. This means, every real estate developer needs to be in sync with this trend.

But how can real estate builders and developers leverage this?

Through mobile apps!

Why? Because 45% of property search starts from mobile apps.

Let’s take a look at the infographic that will explain everything from why you should embrace mobile app marketing for your real estate projects and how to go about it.



This shows that India is all set to become a “mobile-first” market in real estate.

If you are in the real estate industry, you should know that mobile app is going to play a crucial role in your sales.

Moreover, 4 out of 9 key prospects are searching for the projects, dealers, builders and sellers on some mobile app right now. Remember that the first rule of marketing is to be where your users are. And it is loud and clear by now that your real estate audience is shifting to mobile.

Thus, making it an even more cost-effective marketing strategy for the real estate industry in India. It is high time to expand your marketing lanes, from websites to mobile apps.