Is Custom Software Right for You? Unveiling the Benefits & Considerations (Decision Tree Infographic)

Is Custom Software Right for You? Unveiling the Benefits & Considerations

Imagine you are busy as usual with planning and performing the complex tasks your manager assigned you, but your CRM software decided to throw tantrums. Your company gives different discounts to its loyal customers based on their range of purchased products, but the CRM fails to calculate individual discounts and now you have to waste your vital hours doing it manually. Frustrated and disappointed too, right? 

Enterprise software that can’t keep up with the changing tides in business, either needs modification or replacement. While modification can cost you a fortune, custom software for enterprise problems can save you more in the long run.

Explore other signs when you need a new custom software or a CRM makeover. 

Difference between Off-the-shelf software and Custom software 

Off-the-shelf software Custom software 
It may not have all the features you need to perform a task quickly, with less effort.  Integrate the exact specific features as per your business requirements.
It might offer automation features but can not be customized easily to align specific workflows. Custom software is built keeping in mind the specific workflow you want to streamline and is easily customizable.
Its user interface can seem cluttered because of unnecessary features, eating up your time. It will provide only the required features to help your teammates work smoothly without wasting time navigating a jungle of features. 
It may not work faster or provide important features when your business will scale. It is designed to help you scale your business by adding new features of your choice.
You won’t get any special benefit using it as the same features are used by every other business.  Custom software gives you a competitive advantage over competitors for building unique features catering only to your needs. 

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