Life improving apps for communities with MobileKonnect

Life improving apps for communities with MobileKonnect

If you notice, in developing countries like India, mobile networks are more reliable than electricity and water governance. Today, mobile technologies are being used in digital identity, connected society, remote assistance for farmers, remote diagnosis of infant illness and providing secure and shift financial services.

Following are a few interesting facts about developing countries in the context of mobile technologies:

  1. 7.5 Billion — Total projected mobile network connections by 2020
  2. 4.6 Billion — Unique subscribers
  3. 262 million — have access to mobile networks while don’t have access to improved drinking water
  4. 643 Million — have access to mobile networks while don’t have access to electricity
  5. 1.8 Billion — have access to mobile networks while don’t have access to improved sanitation
  6. 290 — Mobile money services are available across 92 countries
  7. 450 Million — people have registered for mobile money accounts while 2 Billion people remain unbanked

The internet is the most imperative empowering agent of social advancement and monetary development of modern technology era.
Mobile already helps more than 3 billion people get online and benefit and contribute to a digital economy. We can open human potential towards connected society through the mobile technologies.

Bluelupin Technologies developed mobile platforms like MobileKonnect and Samvaad to foster the advancement of impactful mobile app solutions for socio-economic growth

MobileKonnect is a very cost effective platform to develop a mobile solution for communities, educational institutes, hospitals and business like e-commerce, real-estate and retails. It has almost all the features which are required for the regular mobile app to connect, engage and collaborate with others. What makes it special is that it allows you to manage the content of the app without the need of special training. Our team provides white global services for content structuring, user experience and mobile marketing. We have removed the barrier of technology awareness and development team dependencies to focus on things which are more important for our customers — powerful content to reach and engage the audience. This kind of quick and deep engagement brings different benefits for difference purposes. For a community app, engagement means right communication among the followers. For a educational institutes, engagements means involvement of students and parents in the right and productive way. For a business, engagement means understanding user behavior and help them to find relevant offered services or products.

Samvaad is a learning management system, especially targeted to education deprived people. This platform delivers highly engaging learning content with the help of visual and audio to explain the concept and also provides various functionalities to keep learners interested in the courses.

Our new strategic direction has focused us to strive for becoming a key enabler in mobile-enabled impact: Connect, Collaborate and Cultivate. Believing in not just making customers, but also communities.