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The Low Cost (& No Cost) Marketing Ideas For Real Estate Developers


What is your greatest marketing challenge?
Is it the rising cost in acquiring new leads? Or obtaining repeat and referral business?
What if I told you that you can get new leads for free?

Today, I will show you how to break through in your real estate marketing at the most minimum (and free) cost! Simple and easy.

No Cost Marketing Ideas

#1 Garner Leads On Pinterest

Any real estate developer without a well thought out social media strategy is waiting to join Dinosaurs in the Extinctions list.

Every real estate developers should be on Pinterest. Why? Because Pinterest is all about visualization. And given that majority of real estate investors prefer detailed visuals on the property.

How can you earn more leads from Pinterest?

All your pins should have one common goal- giving information to the visitor. Create a different boards under a different theme. Post images on boards with URLs after adding the description to it. Each pin and board should have a description with hashtags to appear in search results.

What should you post?

  1. Home listings
  2. Site plans or project photos
  3. Innovative tips
  4. Team photos

What to avoid?

  1. Drilling your listings on their face.
  2. Pins with text-overload. If they wanted to read an article, they would be on your blog and not Pinterest!

#2 Minting Off Conversions From Your Blog

Not only are real estate blogs easy on the budget, it is also one of the best ways to build your credibility. Apart from your website, your blog is the main portal to your brand- it reflects what you do, what you know, and how reliable you are.

How can you earn more leads from Pinterest?

To establish yourself as an expert, blogging is the answer. Writing on useful relevant information will convince the readers (clients) that you have the answer that they need. Once your readers like what you tell them, your traffic will slowly build, so will the shares.

Real Estate Blogging Ideas

  1. Write in a casual highly readable tone.
  2. Write about real estate trends. the area, happenings etc. Build lead capture forms on your blog to secure lead information or for leads interested in getting more information.
  3. Build lead capture forms on your blog to secure lead information or for leads interested in getting more information.

Remember that a website sells, but blogging tells.

#3 Go local: Building Reputation In The Community

Show off your knowledge in the field by teaching and consulting in your area. This is a great way to establish yourself as an expert in the community without spending a dime. This is also a great way to meet potential leads.

How can you get started?

  1. Host local seminars or speak at one.
  2. Become a radio guest.
  3. Teach in schools or college programs.
  4. Volunteer to teach on consult during your free time.


  1. will build your reputation and meet new contacts.
  2. A consistent teaching will help you grow awareness of your real estate brand.

#4 Contest- Give And Take

Leave a lasting impression by engaging with your clients. Get into the habit of holding a contest, as well as participating in one. This tactic is both a no cost and low cost marketing idea. Social media is also a great platform to hold a contest or participate in one.

Holding contest

It helps you generate effective leads as you get information from a large swath of people for free! It also gives you more exposure when people participate and share your contest. A gift card to a local business or a free consultation is a great prize idea.

Participating in contest

This is a great way to meet other business owners from your niche or even more prospects. You can also get more ideas on how to run and market your own contests!

What to remember?

  1. When you hold a contest, partner up with another business. It is a great way to gain access to their customer base.You can share you contest when you are teaching or consulting.
  2. You can share you contest when you are teaching or consulting.

Low-Cost Marketing Ideas

#5 Grow Your Email List

Email marketing is still the most effective (and cost effective) real estate marketing channel.

What you need to know is, numbers play a major role in real estate’s email marketing. The more email list you have, the more your profit will be.

Real Estate Email marketing tips:

  1. Create separate landing pages (1-3)
  2. Implement content upgrade- more content in exchange for their emails
  3. Use Pop-ups
  4. Set up autoresponders
  5. Segment your email list  based on client’s personas and needs
  6. Visualized content gathers more clickthroughs and conversions

What to remember?

  1. Send from a person and not company.
  2. Regularly A/B test your emails on what works best for you.

#6 Get A Virtual Assistant

You cannot be all over the place at one time to grow your business. Therefore, to create more time for yourself and focus on your business growth, you should source your marketing tactic to a virtual assistant. Your virtual assistant should be reliable and regular, meaning, show up daily.

What can a virtual assistant do for you?

Handle the administrative side of your business by acting as a transaction coordinator. For example, taking care of the paperwork and the contract-to-close duties etc.
Take care of the sales support by handling making calls and talking to clients as well.
Manage the marketing side that drives business to you such as social media, videos, fliers, etc.

Finding the right virtual assistant:

  1. Create a detailed job posting2. Filter applicants before interviewing them by asking  4-5 custom questions to determine the fluffy applicants from the quality ones.
  2. Filter applicants before interviewing them by asking  4-5 custom questions to determine the fluffy applicants from the quality ones.

#7 Freebies For Good

Keep your brand in front of many people by giving away freebies at a low cost. You need to invest first in order to get big returns. You can give away freebies in the form of thank you, thank you, congratulation or simply a gift card.

Some great freebies ideas:

  1. A reward for every referral.
  2. Gift cards or keychains (mementos) at any event, you are attending.
  3. A freebie as a thank you for checking out your property, something that will make them remember you.
  4. Gift cards for congratulating your customer or apologizing for your errors.

That is the end of our great tips to boost your business without spending too much of your marketing budget!

Before you set your marketing strategy, do not forget to ask yourself these three crucial questions:

  1. Why should they choose you?
  2. Why choose your company?
  3. And, why now?

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