7 Productive Hacks To Automate Real Estate Social Media Marketing & Lead Generation

7 Productive Hacks To Automate Real Estate Social Media Marketing & Lead Generation

Success comes with details, after a careful planning, and iterative tracking of results.

Today, we will break down the formula for success for real estate marketing, from what to implement to how to do it.

The lifeblood of your online lead generation depends on your traffic and conversion. The two key factors that are interdependent – because qualified traffic needs conversions, and vice versa.

Here are the 7 ways you can boost the number of leads by tweaking your traffic acquisition for a massive success:

1. Sharing YouTube Videos Across Platforms

We discussed in our earlier article how you should be creating your own videos on YouTube.

Let me tell you this, creating videos on Youtube is not enough. You need to promote your video content too for more traction.


For more views. The higher number of views you have, the higher you are ranked in searches. Automate your social media sharing of your videos via buffer.

How to leverage the two most famous social platforms for your videos, Twitter, and Facebook:

Twitter: Before you start promoting your videos anywhere else, tweet them!

Tweet your videos even when on the run or on a break! Utilize the various scheduling tools like HootSuite, buzzbundle and tweet your video using appropriate hashtags, mentions, and links. When twitter has fetched you good views, you can start sharing them on other platforms.


Sharing videos on your Facebook page is a great way to get views on your post as well as your YouTube video. Apart from that, it is also a great way to engage with your fans.

While creating videos, keep in mind that evergreen videos will have the longer shelf life for online marketing such as, reviews of neighborhoods, local attractions, answering common FAQs etc.

2. Make Yourself Heard: Start Commenting

To set your own value in your niche, you need to follow the crowd. That would include scouting local real estate blogs or website with considerable readership and commenting on them.

You can automate commenting but you can sure keep a track of new posts on popular blogs in real estate niche by subscribing to updates from popular real estate news blogs and aggregators. Alltop aggregates the in real estate and home buying while you can use feedly to subscribe to all other real estate blogs.

Comment on new blog articles every now and then, because chances are, if you are one of the first commenters, you are likely to get more visitors to your website. This will help you build authority and value around your brand in very less time.

Consistently follow this for a month and watch your own fan following mounting up.

3. Manage Your Social Media More Efficiently

Social media helps you spread awareness about the brand, build relationships and trust with existing clients and reach future prospects. Realizing these benefits, real estate marketers are now beginning to leverage this.

Never let your social fans miss out on any of your blog posts.

After publishing a new article on your blog, share it across your social profiles by automating your social media postings with IFTTT recipes, Buffer or other similar applications . Install WP to Bufferplugin on your WordPress or find a zapier integration to connect buffer with any other CMS that you are using to automatically broadcast your new blog posts while you focus on other marketing strategies.

Do not forget to keep your social identity consistent across all social platforms. This not only saves time, but also helps your customers to recognize you easily on all platforms. Use the same profile picture and cover photo for all of your social profiles.

4. Monitoring Your Competitors’ Backlinks

Finding backlink opportunities is not easy. The best way to do it is to start by analyzing your competitors’ backlinks. Keep a close watch on what your competitors are sharing?

One way to do it is through Buzzsumo where you will be shown who linked back to whom and how many times.

5. Leverage HARO: Your Priceless PR For Free

Register with HARO (Help A Reporter Out) and skim through the queries. There are reporters looking for real estate experts to weigh in the industry updates and comment on developments.

Sign up for HARO’s email alerts and you will get automated emails based on your selected niche. Simply fish out the real estate queries and answer them. This way you can position yourself as an expert in the industry and get traction for your own website.

6. Write Blogs on Properties/Homes You’re Keen to Sell

Always focus on the key properties you prefer to sell. This will secure traffic to your site that are related to the specific properties. Likewise target each blog with a specific property’s address, and a well-thought long tail keyword phrases that your prospects will possibly use to search on Google.

Use property address as one of the keywords inserting them in meta description, title tag, ALT tag on photos, file name of photos and sparse in content too.

For content ideas, write at least 200 words of unique content specific only to the home’s features in addition to the standard description. Post contents of varying types like opinion pieces, newsjacking articles, and curated pieces from another blog that you can link to.

Occasionally, you can publish or republish top real estate infographics on your blog that are useful for your readers. Curating the best content on the web on your blog will get you loyal visitors as your readers will get the best content on real estate through your blog.

7. Personalize With Your Customers Online

Whether it is wishing someone on their birthday or congratulate on a deal just closed, do not stop personalizing your communications with your customers online. You can automatically wish all your customers thanks to this IFTTT recipe.

Post felicitatory pictures on your social profiles and show them that you care about them.

How does this help you? It shows prospective home buyers that you genuinely care and follow up.

Making real estate sales is easier when it is in an offline person-to-person environment. Selling properties online is a different ball game!

Use these tips and get quality traffic and increase your conversions!

Apart from these 7 tips, remember these three crucial things you should do online:

  1. Get to know your clients on a personal level
  2. Get involved in your community
  3. Connect with your local market.

We hope you enjoyed this post. If you’ve any questions, feel free to ask me in the comments.