The Top 10 Real Estate Blogs To Follow

Real estate companies have taken blogging seriously. The information that real estate websites, bloggers, and influencers are putting up in the cloud is immense. From property development to housing
market changes, generating more leads from website to branding better, there are numerous blogs to educated and initiate real estate buyers and investors for better purchasing and investing decision.

This week, I bring to you the top-tier real estate content creators from different niches, from all over the world- Top 10 real estate blogs you must follow:

#1 PropertyBytes

Category: Real estate news, Property guide, Housing Tips, Market report

Company: IndiaProperty


The official voice of the IndiaProperty, PropertyBytes maintain their focus on real estate market reports of metro cities in India especially Bangalore, Chennai. Hyderabad, Delhi NCR, Pune. They also cover property guide for buyers and investors, latest news on housing and actionable tips for better housing design.

Audience: Real Estate Professionals, Home Buyers/ Sellers [India specific]

#2 Indian Real Estate Compass (Jones Lang Lasalle)

Category: Commercial & Residential Property Development, Housing Guides, Market Insights, Real Estate Tips

Company: JLL Jones Lang Lasalle


The JLL team curates the Indian Real Estate Compass blog and gives great insights on commercial & residential real estate market worldwide.  From real estate project development & management tips to investment insights, this blog will keep you informed on latest real estate market trends in Asia Pacific.

Audience: Real Estate Professionals, Investors, Home Buyers [Asia Pacific]

#3 CommonFloor

Category: Interviews & Housing Tips

Company: Commonfloor


Come to CommonFloor and read about housing tips, from a quick DIYs to important reminders, it is a great blog for homeowners. They also divulge homeowner buying guides based on time sensitive data.  They also display interviews with industry influencers.

Audience: Home Buyers/ Sellers, Tenants [India Specific]

#4 Housing

Categories: Property Investment, Lifestyle, Tech, Data Science Lab



Housing is one of the most informative blogs on real estate in India with actionable tips and information. Based on the market changes, they blog about which property and where property buyers and investors should look at. Case studies, market comparisons, and guides are other contents they published on the blog.

Apart from the marketing and technology insights, Housing blog also gives out decor and interior tips for home buyers.

Audience: Investors, Property Dealers, Tenants, Brokers, Home Buyers/sellers [Local, Global]

#5 India Homes

Category: Real Estate Market Report, Tips & Advice, Property News, Home Decors

Company: IndiaHomes


This India-based company blog IndiaHomes offer updates on real estate marketing. Their range of stories includes the current market trends to insights for real estate developers. Other range of topic the blog covers are on actionable tips and advice for home buyers, sellers, real estate developers. They also have a large collection of Home Decor ideas.

Audience: Real Estate Professionals, Home Buyers/ Sellers, Homeowners [India Specific]

#6 Sperry Vans Ness

Category: Real Estate Market Updates, Expert Advice, Property Management

Company: Sperry Vans Ness


A blog run by commercial real estate advisors, SVN write about the market updates in commercial real estates for developers, brokers and property sellers. They cover a wide range of topic from effective marketing tips to choosing the right advisor/consultant and property.

Audience: Real Estate Professionals- Agents, Developers, Brokers, Advisors [United States of America Specific]

#7 Boom Town

Category: Real Estate Marketing Trends, Technology

Company: BoomTown


A blog that is focused on the future marketing trends of real estate, BoomTown writes content on inbound marketing- how to grow more leads, increases ROI etc, and other marketing channels. Success stories from Real Estate Industry and actionable tips are the key takeaways of the blog.

Audience: Real Estate Marketers, Agents, Brokers [Charleston based, Global]

#8 Real Estate Marketing Blog

Category: Real Estate Online Marketing

Company: Vinny La Barbera


What are the best real estate marketing hacks, tips? How will you increase your ROI? All these question and more are being addressed by the Real Estate Marketing Blog. Written by experts after an extensive research, planning, testing and analyzing, the blog focuses on how real estate marketers should optimize their website for more leads and increase their ROI.

Audience: Real Estate Agents [Global]

#9 Property Blogs

Category: Real Estate News, Market Analysis, Finance & Economy, Global Market



This blog curates real estate industry’s trending news from all over the world. Their primary focus is, however, on Indian Property Market, latest Housing Schemes, Government Policies and Builder’s practices. Through their insightful reports, PropertyBlogs intend to make the real estate industry more transparent.

Audience: Real Estate Professionals- Investors, Consultant/ Dealers, Developers, Property Buyers/ Sellers [India Specific, Global News]

#10 A Student of the Real Estate Game

Category: Real Estate Industry- Careers, Entrepreneurship, Investment, Future of Real Estate

Company: Joe Stampone


Joe Stampone shares his tips on real estate entrepreneurship and investment in his blog- A Student of the Real Estate Game. Joe also zeroes in on the challenges of starting a real estate investment firm and tips on starting a real estate career.

Audience: Real Estate Entrepreneurs, Investors, Marketers [Global]

Do you know any other real estate blogs with commendable content? I would love to check out their blog. Do share with us in the comment below.