Better Technologies, Better Results

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IoT Development

IoT Development

The exponential evolution of technology has led to a considerable rise in the number of objects that are associated with the Internet. This expansive association is constantly changing the technological appearance of the world. The Internet of Things (IoT) is a system of analogous computing devices, and also digital and mechanical machines, animals, people or objects that are recognized with...

2018 Comparison of mobile app development technologies

2018 App development technologies comparison

There are lots of mobile app development technologies/frameworks available for the developers, but choosing a right technology for a particular project, is a very important criteria. It all depends on available development resources, type of app and it’s future development roadmap. We have created matrix to help our customers to understand right app development technologies for their apps...

Chatbots: Pumping up the Customer Support, Shooting down the Cost


From Uber to Tinder, digital consumers are getting everything that they desire exactly when and where they want it. Instant gratification economy is thriving. This rising customer demand of immediate responsiveness from brands has put the business under acute pressure of delivering reliable customer support across all channels. Enter chatbots. Seeming like the “simpletons of the AI world”, bots...

Five reasons why you need an Mobile app for YOUR business

Mobile App for Businesses

My business is a small business; who will use my app? Think about it. You are small because you are not leveraging the technologies and tools at hand. Big business are big because they are using technology to their benefit. Unless you create a brand value; you understand where your businesses is heading with stats supporting it; you might not be able to make it big. In today’s world; you don’t...

Better Technologies, Better Results

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