Five reasons why you need an Mobile app for YOUR business

Mobile App for Businesses

My business is a small business; who will use my app?

Think about it. You are small because you are not leveraging the technologies and tools at hand. Big business are big because they are using technology to their benefit.

Unless you create a brand value; you understand where your businesses is heading with stats supporting it; you might not be able to make it big. In today’s world; you don’t get big and then invest in tech; its rather other way round; you invest in tech to get big.

Think about that. Again.

I have a website with SEO? That suffices my need.

While having a website is a good start; it might not be enough for the tech savvy customers. A mobile app has key competitive advantage like unmatched user engagements, location awareness and above all user retention and it speaks volumes about your business and brand loyalty. Most successful businesses have a great website and an awesome native app.

Do you remember the links you opened on browser, yesterday?

Hard to remember? OK. after that question; now contrast the situation to below one:

Do you even have to think twice before using an app you installed few days back? and with the awesome features it had. Now think that your business had an app and the possibilities which comes along with it. Trust me; you will provide your business a NEW DIMENSION with native mobile app.

My business is already on aggregater which opens my business to millions of users.

This one is tricky. You may get the sales; but are you really counting your customers? Confused? read on…

No user retention

If you are a supplier and are getting business from content aggregates or e-business platforms; do remember that while these platforms may be good for discovery and reach-ability these aggregaters provide for; they may not establish you as a key player in the market because the brand value is missing.


Ask someone from where you have bought that cool gadget; and the answer will be an e-commerce platform. Ask the seller name and 95% of the buyers have no clue. You might have best product; you might work tirelessly to work up the the ladder among all the sellers which might be trying as hard as you are. You make a SALE. But the buyer is pleased with the e-commerce aggregater!!! You have created almost no impression for repeat business!!!

OK, you might get some stats about “buyer behavior” but so do your all competitor sellers on the platform. That levels out any advantages, if there are any!!!

What about YOUR Business USPs?

Every business has an USP; an aggregater offers standard features for every business. Where do you put those exciting features you always thought of which makes you stand apart from crowd?

Mobile apps need tech expertise; its complex, time consuming and involves lot of money.

The answer to above is YES. App development requires tech people of diverse capabilities like server side, ios / android specific platforms which keeps on eveloving every six months. But the answer is simple;

Get an app for YOUR business for YOUR Brand from state-of-art CMS based platform offered by Bluelupin – MobileKonnect.

Among other features it provides you an app with YOUR logo and YOUR branding. All with in hours. All with in budget of a website.

Folks at MobileKonnect are super cool and they can shell out custom featured app with in hours.

The artificial intelligent powered analytics will provide you insights into user behaviors and patterns you never imagined before.

Do not think anymore; what do you have to loose??

Take that step ahead. Call or email now and i promise you this is one decision you will ever cherish.

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