Mobile App Downloads Skyrocket! 83.57% Growth Takes Over the Market from 2016 to 2023

Mobile App Downloads Skyrocket! 83.57% Growth Takes Over the Market from 2016 to 2023

The increase in mobile app downloads year over year signifies the importance of the mobile economy in the world. With the global pandemic of 2019 and the growing convenience of using mobile apps to avail different services and purchase products from the comfort of your home, it is certain that mobile app creation and download rate will only go up. 

We have researched that mobile app downloads have increased from 2016 to 2023 by 117 billion which translates to a whopping 83.57% increase over the past 7 years. This increase is evidence of a more general but gradual change in digital consumption and the growth of the dominance of mobile devices in providing a number of services in different sectors including the entertainment field.

Indians have downloaded 25.96 billion apps on mobile devices in the year 2023. Hence India is said to be the 2nd largest market for mobile app usage, right after China.

“The Broadband India Forum has predicted that the app economy could be worth around 12 percent of India’s GDP by 2030, presuming the market’s expansion continues at four times the rate of the country’s wider economic growth.”

The growth of several app categories reflects a wide, diverse range of user needs and preferences. The only other categories that came close to the millions of downloads as seen in the gaming industry were in finance, entertainment, shopping, productivity tools, lifestyle apps, business, and education categories, social apps and photo and video applications. This diversity doesn’t just indicate the broad usability of mobile apps but in equal measure, points toward the fact that there exists a rather tech-savvy user base for mobile solutions for both cool and practical needs.

In this infographic we have also mentioned the most downloaded mobile applications in 2023 in India. You can utilize this data to market your products and services through leveraging the power of mobile apps.

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