The Elderly and The Internet Are Now Best of Friends (Infographic)

Old man in mobile savvy crowd

Today, it is impossible to exist without the internet. Since its introduction in 1992, the internet has become increasingly relevant to our everyday lives. Now more than ever, human beings are highly dependent on the internet. We use it for everything. From searching out new information down to passing across information to other people, the internet is a mainstay. Today, there are smart homes and smart cars that are connected to the internet.

As young adults, the internet is all we know. It is straightforward for us to make use of the internet. From a young age, we have been immersed in its wonders; a proposition that has made it easy for us to adopt the internet for various uses. Undoubtedly, internet adoption rate is highest among millennials and young adults. However, things are changing. Now more than ever, the elderly are connected to the internet too.

It might be a hard fact to believe, but a large percentage of the elderly make use of the internet. sent us an infographic show that over 70% of the people aged 65 and over use the internet on a daily basis. In the same vein, this same age group spends at least 27 hours online in a week. We know that the internet can be useful for a whole host of beneficial functions – from shopping and socializing, through finding the best medical alert devices, to learning and travelling. It turns out that the elderly are also aware of that fact.

You might be wondering what uses the elderly concoct for the internet. The truth of the matter is that the seniors use the internet just the way everyone else does. 66% of the elderly browse online to find out news and information. A further 57% of the elderly use the internet to conduct online shopping activities.

Communication with friends and family is a vital plus that the internet offers users. 20% of grandparents use email to communicate with their friends and family. Similarly, a huge 78% use the internet to check up on their loved ones.

Different factors affect the rate at which the elderly make use of the internet. The infographic below goes on to explain these factors while shedding more light on the behavior of the elderly toward the web.

Infographic - The-Elderly-and-The-WWW

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