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Surviving Business Competition with Technology

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Keeping your audience intact is a task that requires skill, innovation, and high-value creation. The market is abuzz with upcoming technologies, businesses, and opportunities which if combined can create the most impactful combination to survive the competition. In the digital age, several options have surfaced that can assist you to create better marketing opportunities by being more creative...

Bluelupin Technologies Is About to Get Galvanized with Top Research Ranks Says GoodFirms


Bluelupin Technologies Pvt. Ltd. was founded in 2013 at Uttar Pradesh, India and is arguably the best platform based mobile and web application development company in India. The award-winning platform ‘MobileKonnect’ of the company is a proof of its expertise in the aforementioned domains that has served most reputed as well as fast-growing startups. The praiseworthy invasion of Bluelupin...

Clients Say Bluelupin Technologies Delivers on Clutch!

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In October, Bluelupin decided to join Clutch. Clutch is a B2B ratings and reviews site that features 7,000+ companies in a variety of segments. Clutch provides potential buyers with in-depth analysis in order to find the best-fit marketing, advertising, design, development, and IT companies, consultants or software. Their research methodology includes interviewing past and current clients in...

AR/VR: The next big technology wave after the mobile apps revolution


We are at the cusp of a major digital revolution from mobile applications to augmented and virtual reality. The advent of immersive technologies such as AR/VR marks the dawn of a new beginning in our relationship with technology. AR/VR creates computer-simulated environments that empower the users to move in and out of these virtual environments, with all the senses engaged. We’re no longer...

Chatbots: Pumping up the Customer Support, Shooting down the Cost


From Uber to Tinder, digital consumers are getting everything that they desire exactly when and where they want it. Instant gratification economy is thriving. This rising customer demand of immediate responsiveness from brands has put the business under acute pressure of delivering reliable customer support across all channels. Enter chatbots. Seeming like the “simpletons of the AI world”, bots...

Better Technologies, Better Results