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Accelerated Mobile Pages

accelerated mobile pages

What if I tell you that 1 second of delay in your webpage loading could cause you a sales loss of $2.5 million a year if your estimated sales in $100,000. You would have turned a blind eye to this statement if we were talking about the time, maybe five years ago, but in this world where people are so concerned about the loading speed that they tend to move away from the web page if it takes more...

The Power of the Internet (in Stats)


Even if you think society has become too obsessed with the Internet, you cannot deny that it has brought many amazing changes to the world. From being able to do your shopping on your phone, to organizing party invitations and so much more, the Internet is becoming a bigger part of your life day by day. There is no question that the Internet has been growing at a rapid rate, however you might not...

Our one year on The Clutch


When we registered Bluelupin on Clutch in early 2018, we were not anticipating the kind of recognition, we received in just one year on Clutch. Few are Top 10 Web Development Leader, India Top B2B Developers, India Global Leader 2018 Top .Net Development Company Top App Builder Platform Companies in India Top Ruby on Rails Development Company, India Top Mobile App Development Companies, Delhi...

Thoughts on Web Design Trust and Engagement (Infographic)

Web Design Trends 2018

Nowadays, eCommerce is equally, if not more important than, physical stores and should be treated as such. Just as it would be unacceptable to run a dirty store, with outdated design and a counterintuitive layout, an online businesses must care about first impressions and the overall way they conduct their operations with potential online customers. The benefits of carefully thought out web...

8 Questions to Ask Before Your Company Adds a Chatbot

girl sketching a chatbot in her diary

A lot of new inventions mark their presence every day in this technological world. A few of them are outstanding while others don’t fit the user’s requirement. Chatbot- a machine learning technology which has emerged as a powerful virtual assistant reducing the human effort in customer support and many other sales and marketing areas is evolving drastically. If you are planning to integrate this...

Better Technologies, Better Results

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